Content Curation: The Art of Creating a Buying Community Online

As the Internet continues to expand its ocean of random organization and elegant chaos, Content sits above the waves as the shining lighthouse of reason, purpose and value for users. For every need, question and desire, there is a website that provides topical context,  answers and satisfaction. ALL of this is due to Content.

At the recent Content Marketing World 2011 conference held in Cleveland, Ohio, Susan McKittrick of the Patricia Seybold Group offered a fascinating presentation on content curation as an effective method and resource for all types of industries engaged in online marketing. Much as librarians present book series by certain authors to the public, or DJs introduce exotic sounds or forgotten bands to their listeners, or as galleryists and museum curators select artworks to introduce to the public with thematic narratives, today’s content marketers can greatly increase the value of their websites by offering content from numerous sources on their industry’s area of expertise.

This content, presented in an editorial or curatorial manner, has the power to amplify and support the value proposition of the website; to engage niche audiences who are curious and hungry for just such content; and to enlighten searchers who are seeking hard-to-find or valuable information they need in order to make wise buying decisions. Websites that offer such relevant information consistently provide a trusted perspective and create an ever-expanding community who rely upon them as a resource and will eventually buy from them – an online marketing home run.

Some of the best practices Ms. McKittrick advocates for keeping content curation artful and legitimate for a website include:

  • Providing multiple sources of content on a topic for objectivity and balance
  • Clearly identifying each source of information in journalistic fashion
  • Adding a bit of curatorial commentary to each content resource to explain its value or reason for inclusion
  • Including a link to the full article or piece of information

As the Internet becomes larger and larger and filled with all manner of wondrous and weird material, remember that one of its original purposes is to serve as an incredible repository of information. Becoming a trusted resource in your industry – whether you take a light-hearted, scientific, political, satirical, ojective or analytical stance through the information you present to readers – can only engender respect among your peers and lead to greater brand awareness and sales down the road.

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