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Blogging to Broadcast Your Expertise

By | January 20, 2012

At Fathom we have several education clients who have programs involved with fashion merchandising and fashion design, so I guess this blog post is for you, fashion students. Here’s a motivational story on the power of onlinemarketing – particularly blogging – as a way of establishing your industry authority among your peers.

Tavi Gevinson started her first blog when she was eleven years old and quickly gained the attention of adults involved in the industry – including entertaining fashionistas Courtney Love and Lady Gaga and Italian designer Miuccia Prada, among others. By the old age of 13 she was being invited to Fashion week events in Manhattan – covering the shows for her blog, which now features 4 editors and 40 freelance writers and photographers! Tavi comes across as smart, confident and youthfully humble in this BBC interview about her blogging “hobby.”

What intriques me about Ms. Gevinson is not so much that she accomplished this early in her life, as many kids are prodigies and technology levels the playing field in many milieus, but that her practice of blogging established her as a recognizable voice in the world of fashion, and after that others in the industry began seeking her out. This is exactly what we tell many of our clients on an ongoing basis – that content marketing strategies like blogging are an excellent way to carve-out a space in their industry┬áthat establishes their expertise as well as┬áprovides ongoing information and education to their readers. “Value-added, ” you might say.

Are you a business owner looking to harness and leverage the power of the Internet? We can help you do it. Reach out to us today and we’ll gladly discuss your needs and the best strategies for your particular business and industry. It’s what we do everyday for clients all across the country.

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