A Picture of the Blogging Landscape

Ever wonder what separates the successful blog from the not-so-successful blog? Well, wonder no longer. Conducting yet another evaluation of the “blogosphere,” Technorati surveyed 4,114 bloggers across 45 countries.  What it came up with is a fairly extensive picture of the blogging landscape, noting not only who the bloggers are, but also who is doing it successfully.

Who Are the Bloggers?

In an Internet marketing world where content is king, it may come as a surprise that corporate blogs were actually on the decline in 2011. Technorati found that only a mere eight percent of the bloggers surveyed blog for a company, with the largest majority of bloggers representing hobbyists.

Also, it may come as a shock that, in a marketing landscape that rewards fresh content and topical ideas, the majority of bloggers do not blog daily, or even weekly. Instead, most of those who call themselves “bloggers” post on a monthly or semi-monthly basis.

Who is Doing It Successfully?

Invariably, your concern should not involve the majority. No, as Technorati’s survey points out, the vast majority of blogs are far from successful. So instead of worrying about the majority, your focus should be on who is blogging successfully.

If you learn nothing else from the survey, keep this in mind: The top bloggers post a lot of content, even going so far as to submit multiple blog posts a day. According to Technorati, the top 100 bloggers surveyed generate an average of 36 times more content than all the other blogs on the market.

So what does all this mean for your company’s blog? In short, it is not enough to simply create a blog and hope for the best. Instead, use the top bloggers as a guide and make a commitment. By creating fresh, engaging content that your audience can count on, your Internet marketing campaign will see some major results.

To get a full understanding of what the top bloggers are doing, check out the entire survey from Technorati.

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