Blogging Best Practices: What is the Ideal Post Length?

For companies who are launching a new blog on their site, or for those who have been blogging for years, one question repeatedly crops up: What is the ideal length for my blog posts?

As I began exploring this topic, it became apparent that there are no hard and fast rules surrounding it. There is not one specific set of research that conclusively shows which post length is most beneficial for readers. However, there are several best practices bloggers can follow, and these are outlined below.

Five Things to Consider When Writing Blog Posts

  1. Brevity is always appreciated. No matter what the topic, online readers appreciate posts that are clear and concise. If they can understand your point in 300 words, they don’t want to read about it for 700.
  2. Vary the length. It’s highly unlikely that every topic you choose will need an in-depth explanation, so feel free to write shorter summaries when appropriate. A mix of short, medium and long posts will keep readers interested and engaged.
  3. Consider attention spans.Online readers have notoriously short attention spans. They want to gather information in short, easily digestible chunks. By making sure your blog posts get to the point as quickly as possible, you may be able to keep more people reading.
  4. Trust the topic.Certain topics and industries lend themselves to long posts, while others are more suited for short, to-the-point summaries. Think carefully about your topic before you begin writing. How much information do people need to know to benefit from your post?
  5. “Scannability” is key. It doesn’t matter whether you’re posting 2 paragraphs or 20 pages, if your copy isn’t scannable, no one is going to read it. Break up paragraphs with bullet points and numbered lists, and use headers to tell readers what each section is about.

The blogging industry has exploded in recent years, and many different kinds of blogs have become successful. This is because there’s a huge variety of readers out there who have all different interests and needs. If you want to have a successful blog, your readers’ wants and needs should ultimately dictate what you’re writing.

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