Attract & Retain Students with the Right SRM Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’re all familiar with the term content marketing. We higher education marketers use it every day as we strive to connect young people to the best school for them. But the parameters around a good content marketing strategy have undergone significant shifts since its conception, and we need to keep up if we want to continue to help our prospective students.

It used to be that creating and promoting quality content was enough to drive a successful strategy. Today, that doesn’t cut it, especially for colleges and universities looking to attract millennials. Your strategy has to be based on developing actual, meaningful relationships with your target audience to attract and maintain students.

According to a 2014 NewsCred survey, 63% of millennials respond positively to content when it’s tailored to their interests. This generation has grown up on instant gratification and copious amounts of content at its fingertips. We are driven by what defines our identity, and we look for cultural relevance. With so many brands competing for their attention, millennials look for content and brands they can relate to. It’s the school that can tap into that idea and create relationships with millennials that will increase its ideal student enrollment and retention rates.

Use the following infographic as a tool to start shaping those relationships. Each step along the relationship arc marks a different stage in your school’s relationship with a student. It’s important to understand each stage and identify where and how you can engage with the student. Start developing your student relationship management content marketing strategy to include the right type of content, delivered at the right time and in the right place to move forward. Not every student will hit every stage, and many will enroll and graduate without ever passing the third stage, but it’s important to give your attention to the entire student relationship management (SRM) arc.

Student Relationship Arc Infographic


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