A/B Content Testing Is Go at Fathom!

As  a spin-off practice from Fathom’s own Mike Perla A/B content testing at Fathom - orange is the new black.and his development of conversion rate optimization strategies for greater conversions on websites, the content team here at Fathom is undertaking to test various content strategies on willing client websites. This is a big deal, as Fathom already has a very dedicated cadre of writers who have been working hard to develop persona and buying cycle-based content tactics as well as SEO and other content deliverables.

Unlike some digital marketing agencies, Fathom takes content creation very seriously and hires and trains writers for core SEO, email, video and content marketing efforts.  The power of words has long been a key motto concerning Fathom’s work with our customers – creating new site pages, social media campaigns, videos, case studies, blog posts and more are all tasks relegated strictly to our content department, and recent Google updates such as Panda further reinforce the need for excellent content in order to thrive on the Web.

Our new A/B testing initiative for content will enable us to actually test the efficacy of various forms of content on a website page, pitting two versions of a page against each other automatically in order to see which converts a visitor at the better rate. Some of the content our writers will be testing in conjunction with out technical specialists and participating clients include:

  • Headlines
  • Calls to Action
  • Benefits-based content versus features-based content
  • Long versus short paragraphs
  • Bullet points versus block text
  • The use of active versus passive text
  • The placement of graphic-based content such as infographics and videos in prime locations

We’re looking forward to honing client sites via A/B content testing for maximum conversion potential, as well as producing case studies on our findings to share with the online marketing world. Stay tuned for more on this fascinating subject – brought to you by the talented wordsmiths at Fathom.

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