7 Jedi Mind-tricks for Creating Compelling Digital Video Content

Yoda knows Internet video production!

Last week I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the first-ever Content Marketing World conference, held in downtown Cleveland, Ohio and chock-full of content generation professionals telling their stories and passing on their tips and strategies. It was a unique experience to be with so many other writers in one place, and yet surreal in that the gathering was not about literature or even journalism but about content in-service to marketing goals. One particular presenter caught my eye with his discussion about Internet video production techniques, and I thought I’d pass along his studied opinions and guidance.

Nate Riggs, a video entrepreneur who just landed a gig handling video marketing for Bob Evans Restaurants, used iconic images from Star Wars films to discuss how to make great web video content. In a nutshell, his Yoda-esque strategies are:

  1. Plan production & content ahead of the video shoot
  2. Continually upgrade production equipment
  3. Choose the right actor/talent personality for your message
  4. Master the art of shot composition
  5. Focus the content on the lifestyle of targeted viewers
  6. Respect the ‘attention deficit’ of “Interweb humans.” In other words, keep videos short-short-short!
  7. Content is King, and consistency is Queen. Developing a palatable style is important.

Now, while I heartily concur with each of Mr. Riggs points, what delighted me about his presentation at Content Marketing World 2011 is that these 7 tips are basic to Fathom’s Internet video production & marketing team already. We do them all and we have been doing them for quite awhile.

I guess it’s just nice to get reaffirmation now and again that the Force is indeed with us.

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