5 Ways To Write Content that Sticks

When it comes to the content on your website, you want it to be compelling, easily accessible and unique. You want your reader to understand what you’re talking about, read further about your services and ultimately, buy what you’re selling. Not all writing can do this, but there are some simple tips to help make your content more interesting and appealing to readers.

  1. Repetition: Repeating the most important information facts throughout your website will make that data stick in your customer’s brain. They’ll never forget that you sell “environmentally friendly car batteries” if you weave that same phrase throughout your content. The same can be done with your calls to action. If you want people to download a free trial of your product rather than contact you directly, your calls to action should reflect that.
  2. Avoid passive voice: Why say, “The Frisbee was thrown by the girl” when you can get straight to the point and say, “The girl threw the Frisbee”? Passive voice uses more words without adding information, while active voice gets to the point faster and drives the information home.
  3. Write like you and your customers talk: Depending on what your website is about, your tone can range from conversational to highly technical. If your website is about gas analysis, using an informal tone might not be the best approach. Writing how you speak will most likely be exactly how your target customer would speak.
  4. Be direct: Don’t waste your readers’ time with flowery language. Everyone is busy these days and they want the information they need, at the moment they need it. Too much fluff content causes visitors to leave your site quickly since they’re unable to find what they need. If you cut down on colorful language you may see that people are spending more time browsing your site and your bounce rate will decrease.
  5. Tell a story: Stories help you relate to your customers and make your website seem more human. Rather than simply having a features and benefits table on your website, you could use a story to communicate this information. Weave those facts and figures into a story about how your product saved a customer a certain amount of money or time, and readers will respond. They’ll remember your story much better than they’ll remember your features and benefits table.

Taking the time to make your content connect better with your audience can go a long way. After all, you want your website to convey what it is that your business does and inspire people to buy your products or services.

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