5 Tips for Using Your Most Valuable Health Content Resource

What are the side effects of this treatment? How long will recovery take? Will it hurt?

As a heWork with doctors to develop health content.althcare marketer, you strive to answer your audience’s questions. You hope to provide the health content they need and rely on to educate themselves. You want them to turn to your company for their medical needs. But what if you don’t know the answers to their questions?

That’s when you should turn to the people who do know. The one resource you should never hesitate to seek information from is the one resource that spends the most time with your audience: the medical staff.

Think it’s impossible? It’s not. By understanding the goals and objectives of medical professionals in comparison to your own objectives as a healthcare marketer, you can work together to get the results you both want.

How to Get the Health Information You Need

So how do you go about getting information from busy medical staff that you can’t find elsewhere? Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Before asking anything, understand the topic you’re talking about.
Sure, there’s information you don’t have yet, but whatever you can research and learn about the topic prior to speaking with the medical professional, the better. Letting the doctor or nurse see you understand the basics of the topic can make them feel more at ease and save some time and confusion.

2. Explain the value of the topic you’re writing about.
Many doctors see treatments from a technical standpoint and forget that readers want to know details that impact them most, like how much pain they can expect. Remember that you’re an advocate for your audience, so explain to the medical professionals exactly why
you need these answers.

3. Focus on the expertise of whoever you’re talking to.
Nurses and administration staff encounter questions from patients every day. Why not use them to build fresh health content for potential patients? Ask questions. Get them to tell stories. Use these resources as a content strategy tool to figure out what your audience is really looking for and then create it.

4. Avoid tight deadlines.
Make sure to contact doctors or nurses with your questions far in advance so you’re no scrambling to meet your deadline if you don’t hear back right away. Some healthcare personnel will get back to you quickly, while others may take weeks. Plan ahead so you’re not stuck holding off on timely health content.

5. Focus on how the content will benefit them.
When seeking information from medical professionals, they might not relate to the importance of content marketing. Always emphasize how the particular content piece will be useful within the buying cycle of your organization. This will remind the physician or nurse why their help is so crucial.

Collaborating with medical professionals to get information can be tricky at times, but successfully working with these resources can help you do a better job of creating the health content your audience needs. And isn’t that what you’re here to do?

Do you have tips for collaborating with medical staff to get the information you need for health content? Share with us below.

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