5 Lessons Learned from Content Farms

With the latest news that Blekko is banning content farms from their search index, many SEO firms that use these sites for link building and content generation might be wondering how this impacts them.  While the discussion of content farms and search engines is far from over, SEO copywriters can actually learn a lot from how content farms operate.  Here’s a short list of things I’ve learned from content farms:

  1. Focus on quality.  The argument against content farms is that not all of what they churn out is actually quality content.  As time consuming as it might be, every bit of content you write should be written for your customers, and not for search engines.  Even though the old saying is “content is king,” quality content will always reign superior to spam content. 
  2. Relevance.  In conjunction with quality, your content ought to be relevant.  The content you write should address a customer’s concerns and include information they need, rather than fluff.  Relevancy isn’t limited to how you write your content, but it also applies to where you choose to submit content to. 
  3. Create evergreen content.  Content farms live by the notion that all content has value, not just new content.  This is one thing I think SEO copywriters should try to emulate.  Creating quality evergreen content on your own is a great way to get links back to your site and improve your search engine rankings.
  4. Flexibility in copywriting resources.  You need to be able to find writers who can cover a variety of topics.  This can mean hiring writers who specialize in particular verticals, or hiring freelancers to expand content in specific verticals.
  5. Focus on your brand.  With or without content farms, building your brand and credibility will serve you well.  If you’re seen as a credible source, more sites will want to link to you because you provide them with quality content they can trust.

With or without competition from content farms, these tips will help you create content that is worthy of quality links and high search engine rankings.  While it remains unclear as to what the future of content farms will be, you can make sure that your site is ready for whatever the result ends up being.

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