5 Easy Tips for Content Conversion

When writing website content, part of your job is to create engaging and informative content that converts website visitors into buyers.  As any content writer can tell you, turning browsers into buyers through content optimization can be a difficult task.  Here are 5 tips that can help you write better for conversions.

  1. Write content that addresses where people are in the sales process.  Your calls to action should directly respond to where people are in the sales process and where they are headed.  For example, if someone is just in the beginning phases of the sales process, they’re probably not going to be enticed by a call to action urging them to “buy now.”  They’re more likely to respond to calls to action that invite them to get more information (i.e. through downloading a white paper or case study).
  2. Keep the universal needs of prospects at the top of your mind.  No matter where someone is in your sales process, their core needs will remain the same.  Your content should appeal to these needs at every stage of the sales process in order to affirm that your website has what the customer is looking for.
  3. Evaluate your company’s story and determine if it has the key elements.  Your story should be engaging, focus on what happens next and solve a problem. 
  4. Develop a testing methodology that triggers conversion without obstacles.  When developing your content, understand all aspects of how people choose to buy your product or service.  Know what motivates them, what incentives they respond to, how much information they need before making a buying decision and how they use and interact with your website.  You should also aim to reduce friction and anxiety in the buying process.
  5. Continuously test content.  Testing content is the only way to really understand how your customers and potential customers respond to the content on your site.  Experiment with different writing styles and techniques to get a better grasp on what works.  Once you find a style that works well for your audience, don’t forget to continue testing.  The testing process is never complete because the needs of your customers can change.

No matter how well your website is optimized for search engine positioning, quality website content is what drives conversions.  Can you think of other ways to engage readers and convert them to buyers?

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