3 Questions to Ask When Creating College Degree Pages

Your degree page content is critical for student recruitment and college retention rates. Without all of the information prospective students need (the type of degree, length of the program, career options, application requirements), they can easily move on to the next school. And if a school doesn’t match a new student’s expectations, often set by the website, the student is more likely to transfer. The information needs to be accurate, and it needs to grab them.

You need to be in touch with the degree program and its prospective students. During your research, ask these questions to create degree program pages that recruit and retain:

1. How does this degree reflect my university’s brand?

Degrees focus on classes and industry training, but they also need to be unified with the rest of your school. Adding your brand’s value propositions to the degree pages sets each program apart from your competitors’. No other university can offer your school’s personality; that’s your program-level differentiator. How does each degree tie into that overarching brand?

2. How do the faculty members describe the degree?

No one knows the students and the program better than the professors. Conduct interviews with department heads, or any instructor that’s taught at the university for a few years. Find out the following:

  • The most important and exciting classes
  • Challenges most students face
  • Departmental activities and internships
  • Annual events
  • Potential career paths

3. Does the content mean something to a 16-year-old?

While faculty members know their programs better than anyone, they don’t always tailor their communication styles to teenagers. Translate all academic language into simpler, action-based terms, and know what will resonate with current prospective students. You can sit down with freshmen in each program to find out what they like about the school and program. Using humor and the most popular social media outlets will meet prospective students where they are.

What tactics do you use when creating content for university degree pages? Have you seen them improve college retention rates?


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