10 Ways to Revitalize Your Blog

You know blogging is important, just like you know eating your vegetables is important. That doesn’t mean you’re going to do it. 

Many marketers struggle with the idea of blogging. They understand the value of having fresh content and they understand how relevant posts can build followers, generate interest in the brand, and help their potential customers, but they still don’t do it.

So, what is it that’s stopping marketers from fully embracing their blogs? Creativity! It’s not easy to come up with things to write about on a regular basis. An effective blogger usually posts fresh content at least once a week, which means you need to create a minimum of four blogs a month. And that’s just a minimum.

There are quality blog posts every marketer can write. Use the suggestions below to get your creativity flowing and to revitalize your blog:

  1. Trending topics – Set Google alerts for your industry buzz words and blog about trending topics.
  2. Interviews – Conduct interviews of key personalities within your organization or within your industry. These usually turn out to be really great posts that might even inspire some follow-ups.
  3. Analyze research – Is there a lot of research going on in your field? Use it to your advantage by presenting it in a short, easy-to-digest blog series.
  4. Ask your readers what they want to know – The people who follow your blog are a great resource for new topics. Ask them what they want to know about, they will be happy to tell you.
  5. Have a Twitter party – By starting a Twitter party, you can generate an entire list of topics through the interactions you have.
  6. Create posts using FAQs – There are always going to be questions your potential customers need answered. Use commonly asked questions from your website to create a series of informational blog posts.
  7. Video blogging – Use how-to videos to add a new dimension to your blog. There are always things you can teach your readers that will be useful and help you grow as experts in your field.
  8. Attend conferences – There is no way you can attend a conference and not come back with at least an entire list of new things to blog about.
  9. Review new products – Have new products coming out? Use your blog to showcase these new items and let your customers know how they can benefit from them.
  10. Book reports – Reading any new books about your industry? Use your continuing education as great ideas for new blog posts. You might even get people to read the books along with you.

With all of these great ideas, you have no excuse for not keeping up with your blog. One of the best ways to engage your audience is to be engaged yourself. By choosing topics that truly interest you, you’ll be much more likely to enjoy blogging!

Have any great strategies for generating blog topics of your own? Share them with us.

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