The Fathom Gives Program: 2014 Highlights

The Fathom Gives Program builds Fathom’s philanthropic mission into our everyday business goals. Encouraging employees to find the grander purpose of their work and give back to their communities, Fathom Gives allows our organization to put our money where our mouth is. Specifically, our matching gift program within Fathom Gives promises to match up to $150 dollars of gifts or 10 hours of charity service. The range of organizations that have been impacted by Fathom gives includes: libraries, schools, international aid organizations, and places of worship. Additionally, a number of health-related causes have also been impacted by Fathom Gives.

In 2014, Fathom’s charitable contributions were collectively valued at over $320,000. The individual contributions that are included in this aggregate are:

  • $140,000 in pro-bono client work
  • $120,000 Google Grant secured for Wigs for Kids
  • $54,000 in corporate donations
  • $6,000 in individual matching donations

Read on to learn about some of the specific giving initiatives that Fathom was involved in in 2014:

Digital Marketing for

Not only did we help Wigs for Kids secure a 120,000 Google Grant, we also helped them make the most of this grant with $36,000 worth of pro-bono SEO and PPC services.

Giving on the Green

In August 2014, the Fathom community came together for a day of golfing and giving. The event raised nearly $3,000 and benefited the non-profits of Mary’s Meals and Open Doors Academy.

RePlay for Kids

In October 2014, the Fathom manufacturing team helped to solder toys, repurposing them for children with disabilities. By repurposing these toys, children with special needs gained access to toys with custom controls that allowed them to be played with.

Through these giving initiatives, Fathom was able to inspire transformation in our community and in the lives of those who need it most. Find the 2014 Fathom Gives Report here.

Victoria Grieshammer

About Victoria Grieshammer

Victoria Grieshammer is the Senior Marketing Coordinator of Content Development at Fathom. Formerly, she was the Head of Marketing on the Fathom Manufacturing team. Victoria joined Fathom as an Associate Copywriter after graduating from Allegheny College with degrees in English and Psychology. Her previous experience includes e-commerce copywriting at Little Tikes and coordinating social media campaigns for small businesses, giving her a varied background in digital marketing. You can also find her on Twitter at @Vgrieshammer1.

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