A Round of Applause: A Successful Nonprofit Marketing Summit

Nonprofit Event ScotAs I stood in the back of the room taking photos in what could potentially be described as a bit eccentric, I realized what an amazing scene was before me. While I stood on the chair in the back to get just the right angle, I began to understand that 45 people from 35 different organizations gathered in one place for one purpose: to learn about digital marketing.

Perhaps it is cliché to think that we’ve brought everyone together for one goal and one purpose, but so often in life I feel like clichés can create an image and convey an idea that no other expression can.

On Friday, August 1, 2014 Fathom hosted its second annual Cleveland Nonprofit Marketing Summit. This event was designed to offer a day of digital training for area nonprofits. By focusing on the community surrounding Fathom’s headquarters, the goal was to inspire and engage attendees and give back to the community that gave Fathom a culture to thrive in.

The event had a simple theme with a big impact. Fathom wanted to lend a HAND to Help and Nurture Nonprofit Digital Diversity (HAND). By offering a day where two different sides connected, or shook hands if you will, Fathom hoped to successfully share tips, tricks and tools to make an overwhelming subject seem simple.

There were two programming tracks for the event. The Righties went to overview or beginner sessions while the Lefties went to advanced or in-depth sessions. Each track was specifically designed to make digital marketing tangible and approachable for attendees.

We had three different split programming sessions. These sessions ranged from search engine optimization and content to social media. We offered programming on branding, marketing campaigns and pay per click. Fathom staff members created fantastic and engaging presentations to capture the attention of attendees. These programs helped us show our thought leadership and gave attendees sessions that catered to their interests and needs.

One attendee even mentioned that she had taken about 20 pages of notes during the event and communicated with her team, while she was still there, to share ideas and get projects started. With that kind of feedback, it is difficult not to consider the event a huge success. Her experiences and feedback were not an isolated experience. Overall, it was a very positive and meaningful time where all who came left our headquarters with more knowledge than they came in with.

It is impossible to ever have anything be perfect in its implementation, and we left the day with more ideas for growth to ensure the next summit is the best one ever. With hard work, dedication and a well-established plan, this summit can continue to grow, change and make a difference in the helping and nurturing nonprofit digital diversity.

It was a learning process and an experience where everyone was challenged, but in a good way. I think that these kind of events are what distinguishes a company. Fathom is part of the community and to give back, we put forth the time, effort and energy to host these kinds of events. It is not always about our clients and work we do. Sometimes, it can be about doing something a little bit extra to make a difference and have an impact on those around you.

Megan Buemi

About Megan Buemi

Megan comes from an editorial and project management background in both the public relations and textbook industries. After editing press releases and managing the textbook creation process, she now resides as a digital content specialist on the retail team at Fathom, editing, optimizing and writing Web content for clients. She graduated with a BA in communications from Kent State University with a focus on interpersonal communication. Megan is always happy to work with her team and clients to find the best solutions possible to suit business needs. Megan has a passion for animal rights and spends her free time playing with her rescue dogs, exercising at Pure Barre classes, reading and spending time with family and friends.

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