Dreamforce Recap 2013: 7 Key Call Metrics that Will Accelerate Sales Revenue


Howard Brown, CEO of RingDNA, kicked off Dreamforce with a session on 7 Key Call Metrics that Will Accelerate Sales Revenue. At Fathom, we’ve used call tracking services for years – both for ourselves and our clients – so we realize the importance in qualifying phone calls just like any other lead. However, this session took call tracking a level deeper – exploring the opportunity to tie both inbound and outbound calls into Salesforce.com directly using RingDNA. Not ever having heard of this tool before, I have to admit – it’s worth looking into if you’re utilizing Salesforce.

As Brown stated in his presentation, call metrics matter for three reasons:

  1. They help predict the future.  Call metrics help companies identify which sales reps are succeeding, which are likely to hit revenue targets and which are best to receive calls not just based on industry, but on keyword searches.
  2. Insides Sales hiring is up 54%, and for every one outside sales rep that is hired, there are 10 insides sales reps being added to teams.  It’s more critical now than ever to track the activity and performance of these insides sales reps, and the calls they’re making and receiving.
  3. First place gets a Cadillac, second place gets steak knives and third place is fired.  Closing deals is critical to sales reps, and understanding the quality of phone call leads can help sales teams know where to allocate their time and effort.

Without further ado…here are the 7 call metrics that every business should be tracking:

  1. Number of outbound calls by rep by day
  2. Call disposition per rep per day (how many calls turned into appointments?)
  3. Number of calls per lead (if a lead is unresponsive, how many times will the sales team try to reach out?)
  4. Number of unanswered calls (missed calls = lost revenue opportunity)
  5. Lead response time (did you know that responding to a leads query within an hour = 7x more likely to have a meaningful conversation and 60x morelikely than waiting 1 day? Harvard Business Review)
  6. Average Call Rating by Marketing Campaign (rate phone calls 1 to 5 stars so marketing has a good gauge on the quality of the leads they’re sending to sales)
  7. Wins by Rep by Campaign (are the right calls being routed to the right closers?)

If would like advice on how best to track your phone calls or leads, don’t hesitate to call us at 866-915-0418, chat with us, or shoot us a quick email.  We’ll get back to you right away.

You can also learn more about call tracking below:

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