You’ve “Manufactured” a White Paper, Now What?

So, you’ve finally had the time to create a white paper about what differentiates your services from your competition. You may find yourself wondering how to get it in the hands of the proper audience. Assuming your brother-in-law isn’t the editor at the leading publication in your industry, you’re going to need a good plan to get the word out!

Step 1: Post the Content

First and foremost, it’s important to get the piece added to your website. It’s also a good idea to “gate” the content. Gating makes users fill out a form, usually with just their name and email address, to get the content. This is helpful in collecting email addresses and other data useful for nurturing your contacts through marketing automation. A graphic on your homepage is a good way to funnel users who may not be completely aware of your white paper to the proper page on your site.

Step 2: Create Buzz

There are many ways to create buzz around your whitepaper. You can send out an “advance copy” to your preferred clients or produce a teaser video to post on your site or on external social media properties to name a few.

While we’re on the topic of social media, be sure you are targeting the right audience. If you’re a B2B service provider, keep in mind that you are probably missing the mark if you’re posting about your white paper on Facebook. People are quickly scrolling through their news feeds scanning for important updates from their friends and family. You’re competing with Uncle Bob and college friends for attention. You’re probably going to lose out there.

LinkedIn, however, is a great place to promote your whitepaper. There are many things you can do on LinkedIn, including posting to tease the whitepaper, posting when the paper is released and following up the release with some weekly postings reminding users of the whitepapers. These can include some small facts or tidbits about the general topic of the white paper with a call to action to learn more and download the full whitepaper.

Step 3: Measure the Success

Following up on the success of your promotion plan is vital for future plans. Knowing what was the best return on your investment of time ensures that you work smarter, not harder in promoting future whitepapers, guides and ebooks. You wouldn’t want to waste time pursuing guest blogging opportunities if you received little interest the first time around.

You should also be able to track downloads by either website form submissions (if the content is gated), or by downloads via event tracking in Google Analytics. Just be sure you have set up the proper goals/events prior to launch, and append any links coming to the white paper page if any mailings are done.

What are some successes you’ve had in promoting a recent white paper or eBook?


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