YouTube's TrueView Ad Format: Fathom That, Ep. 19

Today on Fathom That, Steve Kozak, Fathom’s Director of Video, shares a success story about using YouTube’s TrueView ads. He talks about the type of ad and how Fathom leveraged the TrueView ad format to generate a ton of views, engagement and links back to a website.

Check out what Steve has to share and learn how you, too could be successful with video marketing on YouTube.

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About Abigail Birmingham

Abigail Birmingham is a Creative Leader for Fathom's education team specializing in video production, creative design, and content strategy. She is passionate about helping clients tell a great story and engage with their audience. She is a strong believer in the power of captivating and creative content as a driving force in an effective marketing strategy.

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