YouTube Unveils Pre-Roll "TrueView Video Ads"

Well, good things never last, at least not when there’s a buck to be made.

One of the nice things about YouTube – besides the free uploads and viewing privileges and the amazing selection of videos possible on the massive video portal – is that viewers have not been subjected to pre-roll ads except within some of their channel partners’ video offerings. That’s changing now, as YouTube has just unveiled their “TrueView Video Ads.”

Here’s how the new advertising system will work:

Advertisers will purchase an ad through their AdWords account, and the ads can be any length. There’s a bidding process involved that takes into account budgetary constraints. Advertisers will only be charged for the ad at the 30-second viewing point, or when the ad completes (whichever is shorter) or when a viewer clicks-through to the website. For viewers, the ad can be skipped after 5 seconds of viewing time, and there can be only one ad every 7 minutes, after which time a mid-roll ad could then present itself.

All in all, the new system seems pretty painless, and especially in longer videos, there’s opportuity to show several advertisements. If the ads are good, consumers will watch them; if they’re not so good, they’ll skip them after a few seconds. In terms of Internet video marketing, it’s another way to get your message seen and heard by the target audience you’re looking to reach. It’ll just cost you, but you already know that you have to spend money to make money, right?

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