Your Weekly Marketing Bytes: Defining Today’s Tech Buyer

In today’s evolving tech marketing landscape, a detailed understanding of your audience is critical to the success of your marketing campaign. Unfortunately for the B2B tech company, whose customers evolve just as quickly as the solutions they are offering, this challenge can seem next to impossible.

With this in mind, our weekly compilation of highlights and technology marketing trends from recent tech studies, surveys and statistics may offer some insight into today’s tech buyer.

In the beginning:

  • It’s an investment: 90% of these technology buyers are investing in more than one major technology project this year, with majority of those planning up to six projects.
  • Less is more: Technology vendors are reaching out to these buyers, but few are getting a response. IT buyers receive six calls per day from vendors, but only return 10.5% of these phone calls. They receive fourteen emails per day from vendors and only respond to 9%.

Getting found:

  • Quality content is still king: Online content has the second most important influence on their decision-making process.
  • Social is evolving: Technology buyers are visiting business/technology-based blogs, communities, and LinkedIn at least once a month, and that number is growing.
  • They are looking for you: Software companies found that exposure to organic search impressions boosts likelihood to visit a website 37%, and likelihood to purchase a software product 30%. This makes SEO very important for tech companies.
  • They are looking for you – EVERYWHERE: Organic search in combination with paid search generates a 58% lift.

Reaching the customer:

  • Give them the facts: More than half of technology vendors believe the most important qualities of their content are facts and figures, information that contains business and technical considerations, and current or timely information.
  • Stop filling their heads with fluff: 77% of buyers usually will tune out content from vendors that contains too much marketing “fluff”, 44% dislike material that has a lack of real world examples, and 36% dislike content that lacks technical depth.
  • Teach them something (Anything): Buyers would like to consume content that discusses best practices, competitive comparisons, how-to information and other technology marketing trends.

This information is a combination of the Online ROI Summit presentation “Intelligence-driven Marketing: 15 ideas in 60 minutes” by Andrew Briney and Jeff Ramminger, Content Marketing Institute “Technology Buyers Require Practical, Timely Content” by Michele Linn, IDC’s 2012 Buyer Experience Study presentation “The IT Buyer Speaks: What Do Customers Really Think About Your Marketing Techniques and Sales Teams?”, and Marketingprofs “Organic Search Drives Software-Buying Decisions” from iProspect.

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