Weekly Tech Marketing Bytes: Online Videos Influence Tech Decision-Makers

When more than half of technology buyers claim that videos and multimedia files are part of their content consumption, it’s definitely something to pay attention to. Technology products and services in the B2B and B2C industries can benefit from producing interesting, quality videos. B2B online videos have the ability to not only be a valuable lead-generation tool, but also they can guide the decision-maker throughout the entire purchase process.

Technology buyers may not know or consider your product or service until they watch your video. According to Think with Google’s study, “The Role of Video in the Tech Purchase Process,” 55% were introduced to brands not previously considered after viewing tech product videos and 35% heard about the tech product for the first time. Videos can boost overall website traffic, because 84% claim they went to the company’s website to learn more information after watching the video.

B2B online video marketing has proven to facilitate the tech buyer’s “consider” stage in the purchase process.  Viewers narrow down their options of products and services after watching a tech video. According to Fritz Nelson’s “Tech Marketing Best Practices: 5 Tips for Compelling and Effective Online Videos,” it’s likely viewers will share them with their colleagues; 36% even claim to share these tech videos with their boss.

Viewers may even reach out to you directly: 39% of technology buyers admit to contacting a vendor directly for more information. Videos have the potential to be the deciding factor, as 38% have based a product or technology decision on information they have learned from a video.

But there are certain key factors that may stop these influential decision-makers from viewing your video. They do not expect to register for video content, unless the video content is really relevant to them. They prefer video length to be between 3–5 minutes, but some don’t mind videos that are slightly longer at 5–10 minutes.

Technology buyers favor certain types of video content:

  • 70% want tech product demos
  • 63% want how-to information
  • 63% want technical information
  • 49% want training information
  • 48% want technology news and analysis

In summary, don’t underestimate the power of a quality product video for your technology company; there’s a good chance it will bring you your next customer!

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