Weekly Tech Marketing Bytes: How Does Your Plan Stack Up?

According to IDC’s 2012 CMO Tech Marketing Benchmark Study,”technology companies are investing less in traditional marketing and investing more in digital marketing. This results in more competition for technology companies in the digital marketing arena.  In order to remain relevant in this highly-competitive market and develop your own brand identity, it’s important to analyze the competition’s current marketing strategies. Tech companies know they must be ahead of the marketing curve in order to differentiate themselves, with 72.2% of firms planning on increasing their online marketing spending according to Hinge Research Institute’s study “Online Marketing for Professional Services Firms: Technology Services Edition.”

Display ads take the lead in digital spending:

The biggest portions of the online marketing budget for technology companies consist of display ads, company websites, and search ads. For the first time ever, IDC tracked marketing automation, which took a big piece of the digital spending pie. Here is how it all broke down:

  • Display Ads (23.6%)
  • Company Websites (17.4%)
  • Search Ads (15.9%)
  • Marketing Automation (14.9%)
  • Email Marketing (13.6%)
  • Search Engine Optimization (5.8%)
  • Digital events (4.5%)
  • Social Networks (3.7%)
  • Other websites (0.6%)

(Image from: MarketingProf’s article “Tech Marketing Budgets Under Pressure”)

Digital marketing has proven to demonstrate growth for technology companies. Firms generating at least 40% of their new business online exhibit substantially greater growth. Even through social media, tech companies have found lead generation success. Hubspot reported in the “2012 State of Inbound Marketing” that more than half of software and biotech companies have acquired a customer through their company blog and Twitter.

Since this marketing plan is for 2012 and we are quickly approaching a new year, how do you think technology companies’ online marketing budgets will be segmented in 2013?

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