This Year’s Cyber Monday Results Are Making History


Internet retailers are breaking records in 2013. Shoppers spent an estimated $2.29 billion on Monday and according to Internet Retailer, it is the most spent online for any single day in history.

Last year, when we discussed Cyber Monday and the big lesson of mobile searches and purchases, we anticipated this growing in the next year. And the results from this year’s Cyber Monday show that it definitely has. Below are some stats that back up mobile’s hold and growth in the retail industry on their biggest online sales day of the year.

  • Cyber Monday mobile sales accounted for 17% of all online sales. This is up 55% from the previous year. (Tweet this stat)
  • 31.7% of online traffic was mobile on Monday, which is up 45% from last year. (Tweet this stat)
  • Users chose smartphones as their mobile browsing device: Smartphones drove 19.7% of all online traffic compared to tablets at 11.5%. (Tweet this stat)
  • However, tablets led in online sales, capturing 11.7% of all online sales, more than double that of smartphones, which accounted for 4.4%. (Tweet this stat)
  • Smartphones and tablets account for nearly 40% of all paid search spend by retailers on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and 44% of all clicks on paid search ads. (Tweet this stat)

There’s no surprise who the winners were on Monday. Amazon and eBay saw the biggest increase in online sales. Amazon sales were up 44.3% over last year, and eBay sales were up 32.1% (ChannelAdvisor). Department stores also came out on top. Their Cyber Monday total online sales grew by 60.3% over 2012, with mobile sales growing 52% year over year. They also saw an increase in the average order value, which was up 18.7% compared to last year.

In the upcoming year we can only expect to see mobile traffic continue to grow. I also think retailers will simplify the purchase process on mobile and enhance overall user experience, resulting in more mobile sales next year than mostly browsing.

What do you think Cyber Monday will look like in 2014?


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