Why You Should Consider Google AdWords Call-Only Campaigns


About a year ago, Google AdWords launched a new campaign option for click-to-call capabilities: the Call-Only Campaign. Before the launch of Call-Only, AdWords offered a Call Extension option. The Call Extension option displayed a phone number, allowing users to choose between visiting the site and calling. While having more options for users can be helpful, some advertisers may benefit from eliminating clicks to the website to keep the focus on only driving calls. This was a big win, especially for advertisers who didn’t have mobile-friendly sites. So, why should you consider Call-Only campaigns?

4 Benefits Of Leveraging Call-Only Campaigns

1. Mobile ad creation just got easier.

Call-Only Campaigns only give the option to call, limiting traffic to mobile devices. Call extensions required a more cumbersome setup, excluding the website to show only the number, forcing customers to call. Even then, the Call extensions aren’t guaranteed to show if you aren’t in a top position.

2. There’s a single call-to-action.

Call-Only Campaigns showcase the number first, rather than placing it below the ad copy where call extensions live. Not only does this more easily display the CTA you want a consumer to take, but it allows you to tailor ad copy for a mobile user.

3. Phone calls are more valued.

A Call-Only Campaign is great for services in which offline conversations are more valued. A campaign solely focused on driving calls can help maximize spending, through a focused bidding strategy based on the value of each call.

4. When a website hurts instead of helps…

Call-Only Campaigns are designed to only show your phone number and bypass the option of visiting your webpage. Sometimes, webpages have a poor design, or hard-to-follow format. Don’t miss potential customers who are lost on your page, when you have a direct line of communication available.

In a test implemented for an advertiser in the transportation industry, we were able to increase calls and reduce overall cost in just six months. Below are stats for the test time frame.

  • Call Conversions (from Call-Only campaigns)
    • 151 call conversions, 5 minutes+ call duration | $15 cost per conversion
  • Call Extensions
    • 30 conversions, 5 minutes+ call duration | $24.28 cost per conversion
  • General Search Campaign Metrics
    • 122 contact form conversions | $187.27 cost per conversion

Call-Only Campaigns are not only a great step in the mobile ad direction, but also play a key role in connecting potential users to their advertisers on another [more simplified] level. With mobile device usage surpassing desktop, the evolution of ads is increasingly necessary. What successes have you seen with Call-Only campaigns?

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  • Great article, Rachel. Call only ads are definitely a great way to gain the full benefits of digital marketing.

    Referencing this post in my new blog on the benefits of Call-Only Campaigns.

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