This Week in Scale Your Charisma: Free Socks and the #1 Indicator of Sales Success

In this week’s episode of podcast Scale Your Charisma—formerly Publish or Perish—your hosts Jeff Leo Herrmann and Jon Pogact discuss what inspired them to change the name of the podcast, what the results were from their audience research at the Marketo Summit, and what Jon thinks the #1 indicator of sales success is. Listen to the podcast now to analyze the state of marketing transformation and audience building or find an overview of the topics below.

What’s Behind the Name Change?

The driving reason for the podcast name change was to hone in on a revised focus. This revised focus is helping individuals drive transformation with the tools at their disposal—especially video. Additionally, Jon and Jeff are in the midst of planning the launch of a new podcast focused on marketing transformation, so stay tuned.

Audience Research at the Marketo Conference – The Surprising Results

At the recent Marketo conference in Vegas, Jon and Jeff opted for a fresh approach to starting conversations. That is, they used a survey/market research based approach. With this approach, nearly everyone who was asked willingly participated and provided honest information. Find two out of the three questions analyzed below:

Question 1: Where are you on the marketing automation maturity curve and how fast do you want to move up?

Out of about 40 people interviewed, most indicated that they were at the 1.5-2 level. These levels involve a lot of batch and blast emailing along with the beginning stages of automating campaigns across the customer lifecycle. Overall, though, this number is lower than expected given that the research took place at a marketing automation conference.

Question 3: What platforms have been most successful for growing your audience?

The audience again provided surprising answers, with most responding that they are not building an audience at all, that they are not blogging, and that their primary reason for not blogging was the belief that their audience didn’t want to hear from them.


Want to find out what Jon’s number one indicator of sales success is? Tune in to find out!

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