This Week in Publish or Perish: Going Rogue with Video Publishing

In this week’s episode of Publish or Perish, podcast host Jeff Leo Herrmann is joined by Jon Pogact, Director of Marketing at Fathom. They discuss their perspectives on going rogue in video and how this can help salespeople develop thought leadership. Listen to the podcast below to learn why it’s important to elevate your salespeople via content, why authenticity matters, and how video allows salespeople to break through the clutter.

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JH: I define going rogue as breaking away from a brand, finding success on your own through content, and possibly surpassing the brand. When do you think it’s okay for salespeople to be bigger than their brand?

JP: There is a gray line here. I prefer to think about it as being the champion of a brand rather than being bigger than a brand. This allows the individual to be authentic and bring charisma to the table because brands can be boring. Think about Apple without Steve Jobs – it would be boring. If you are bigger than the brand then you can be a launch pad for it.

JH: We live in an information-soaked world. Audiences need their problems solved and products don’t talk, so sales has the opportunity to make that connection for an audience. What are your thoughts on this?

JP:  There’s more room than ever for salespeople to rise above by scaling their personalities through content and personalized videos. Salespeople should be playing the role of the ambassador helping to guide autonomous consumers through the purchase process.

JH: What scares you about a salesperson that goes rogue? Are there any threats there?

JP: I haven’t personally experienced a salesperson going completely rogue. Hypothetically, I would be worried about this person going off-brand, veering away from strategy, and, therefore, not telling the brand story the way it should be told.

JH: Are you, as a marketer, willing to take on the burden of arming salespeople with editorial guidelines, content strategy, etc. to keep them on-brand and then letting them go loose?

JP: Absolutely–marketers like me want this, we want charismatic people to accelerate our narrative. Nobody wins without structure, though.

JH: Sometimes people who put themselves out there (especially on video) get criticized or catch flak. What’s your advice for them? How do you give people confidence?

JP: I believe marketers have to be aligned with sales–we can’t survive without each other. The more continuity we have, the more successful everyone will be. It’s a consistent feedback loop and we all learn from each other.

Are you ready to go rogue? Listen to the Publish or Perish podcast and become a launchpad for your brand.

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