[Webinar Recap] How OhioHealth Navigates Google’s Paid Search Ecosystem

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Paid search is complicated. When it comes to healthcare marketing, though, intense competition, stringent legal requirements, and complex privacy laws can all heighten complexities.

The result?

Healthcare marketers have to grapple with poor paid search performance while trying to convince their higher-ups to continue providing a budget for this essential digital channel.

On December 8th, 2016, Google, OhioHealth, and Fathom healthcare and paid search experts got together in our webinar How OhioHealth Navigates Google’s Paid Search Ecosystem to discuss the unique challenges health systems face and lay out actionable strategies for overcoming them. This webinar featured insights from the following experts:

James Jeansonne – Digital Marketing and Strategy Manager with OhioHealth

Jeansonne is responsible for digital acquisition and also responsible for digital campaigns at OhioHealth.

Jamie Blomquist –  Agency Development Manager on the Google Marketing Solutions Team

Blomquist partners closely with Fathom, helping to grow businesses and serve digital marketing needs.

Joe Castro – Director of Paid Media Operations and Strategy at Fathom

In his nine years at Fathom, Castro has spent 4 years working primarily with healthcare organizations including health systems, assisted living and senior living facilities, and health insurance companies.

The Value of Paid Search for Healthcare Marketers: Top Webinar Highlights

As with most consumers, healthcare consumer behavior has changed. 1 in 20 Google searches is healthcare related, meaning there is a significant digital audience looking for healthcare services and knowledge. Furthermore, there is an average of 19 mostly unbranded searches before selecting a hospital. Among these unbranded searches, the topics of symptoms, needs, and options are heavily researched, giving health systems the opportunity to speak to their audience with paid search through the full patient journey.

Correcting strategies for these new healthcare consumer behaviors can lead to significant marketing success. For example, optimizing OhioHealth’s paid search campaigns resulted in a 600% increase in conversion rate.

The essential topics covered in this webinar include:

  • How healthcare consumers’ behaviors have changed
  • Google AdWords benchmarks and states for health systems
  • Google AdWords policies specific to health systems
  • Challenges and solutions of being a digital marketing manager at a health system
  • Common paid search mistakes made by health systems
  • Tactics used to improve OhioHealth’s paid search results

The Fathom, Google, and OhioHealth webinar covers these topics as well as strategies that you can implement immediately to get ahead of the healthcare marketing curve.

Get Google, Fathom, and OhioHealth Experts Tips & Accelerate Your Healthcare Marketing

By watching this webinar, you will gain detailed paid media strategies and tactics that you can incorporate into your healthcare marketing efforts with ease. Additionally, you’ll gain exclusive access to Google’s best practices and methods in the dynamic healthcare market. Finally, viewers will access strategies to combat challenges that Fathom’s experts have overcome as well as insight into how a successful paid media strategy has impacted OhioHealth.

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Learn from experts who understand the unique challenges of running healthcare paid search campaigns by watching the webinar today.


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