Viral Videos Promote a Sick City!

Sketch and Stand-up comedian Mike Polk of Cleveland got the city’s ears burning recently with his Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Internet videos – a pastiche of low-budget video footage showing drifters, urban decay and other depressing Cleveland scenes accompanied by a smarmy, jingle-esque, theme song-styled sing-along audio track. Sarcastic, nearly cruel, and with more than a bit of truth to many of the lyrics, the video circulated widely on YouTube and even made its way to TNT’s Inside The NBA, which then requested Polk to make a similar video about Charles Barkley and his fellow commentators on the program, to uproarious results.

To date, Polk’s Web video on YouTube has garnered 1,227,355 views, while his sequel Cleveland video has received 1,029,087 views. Comments on YouTube regarding the video have come from places as distant as Amsterdam and Los Angeles, as well as Detroit, Newark, Pittsburgh, and points in Kentucky and Florida. My point is pretty simple – Internet video, distributed on free portals such as YouTube, has incredible potential to reach folks far-flung north and south, east and west. Fathom is committed to harnessing the power of Web-based video for all creative and business-based endeavors. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you. And we promise not to laugh at any of your ideas. Or your home town.

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