Do You Suffer from ‘Viewer Abandonment?’

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Are you a producer of online video content? Then you better become well aware of the newest prescribed subdivision of attention deficit disorder among your viewers – deemed “viewer abandonment” by Visible Measures.

Visible Measures – an online research company whose mission statement is to help advertisers and publishers get more from online video by providing them with industry-leading solutions to better understand the world of online video – has found that 19.4 percent of online viewers abandon a video within the first 10 seconds. 44.1 percent of viewers abandon online video within the first 60 seconds! That means one thing – and one thing only – for producers of online video: if you want viewers to immerse themselves in your content, you better showcase intriguing, engaging subject matter right out of the gate, and keep it coming strong.

This emerging phenomenon taking over online viewers globally is of intense interest to those who make online videos or advertise alongside them. Visible Measures studied the abandonment rate of 40 million videos in over seven billion viewings.

According to the article by Alex Mindlin, “Drilling Down: Short Attention Spans for Web Videos,” music videos had especially high rates of abandonment, as did videos slow to reach a punch-line — for example, a Budweiser ad about a man humiliated while buying pornography, loses nearly 40 percent of viewers in the first 10 seconds.

“It took a shocking 12 seconds to get to the [punch-line],” said Matt Cutler, the head of research at Visible Measures – but 40 percent of the viewers never even saw it.

It is near inevitable that viewers are going to click away from your video – even if your content is extremely engaging, and wildly entertaining. The fact of the matter is; your content is not going to be of interest to everyone who happens to stumble upon the page that your video is embedded on. The only solution is to produce content that you know will be highly entertaining, educational and intriguing to your target audience – and hope that the widespread outbreak of “viewer abandonment” has not yet infected your intended viewers.

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