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Manufacturing companies that include video in their marketing strategies are ahead of the curve in content marketing. This is because most manufacturers don’t include video in their marketing. According to a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute on B2B Content Marketing for Manufacturers, producing engaging content is the biggest challenge for manufacturing marketers. In the same study, manufacturing marketers indicated their top marketing goals.


Video marketing is a perfect way to both offer engaging content and improve the three top goals listed above. The key to successful video marketing is to identify one specific goal and then produce a video that works toward that goal. Below are examples of types of videos you can produce that will hit each goal.


Brand Awareness

Thought Leadership

Videos that display thought leadership are a strong approach to building your business into an industry leader, which in-turn strengthens your brand as a recognizable, authoritative company. So many businesses claim they are a leader in the industry but fail to actually articulate what sets them apart from rest. Try filming a round table discussion every month or have an expert talk about industry updates on a weekly or monthly basis.

Tell A StoryCorning Video Screen Shot

Compelling, storytelling videos are perfect for generating “buzz for your brand. These types of videos are best for higher viewership, and therefore best for brand awareness, because they elicit higher amounts of social sharing. Look for stories that demonstrate what is unique about your company. For example, Corning, a manufacturer of specialty glass, created a video called “A Day Made of Glass” to tell the story of what they think the future of specialty glass can look like. This video immediately spread through social media and now has over 21,000,000 views. That’s 21,000,000 times Corning’s brand is in front of someone. Think of unique was to tell your company’s story.

Tradeshow Video

For many manufacturing marketers, tradeshows are a great avenue for spreading their brand by getting it in front of so many people. But a major challenge is grabbing people’s attention when there is so much to look at. Video is a great way to do this. Bring your facility and manufacturing processes to the tradeshow floor through video and keep people engaged in your brand once they come to your booth.


Customer Retention/Loyalty

New Product LaunchMW Screen shot

Keeping your current customers up to date on your latest products and updates is one of the best ways to show them why they should stay with your business and how they can grow their relationship with your company. But sometimes conveying the most important part of your products, like high speed or efficiency, can be hard to do with just words. Video, however, provides a solution that lets you show what you can’t otherwise tell. For example, you can compare the performance of your high-speed product side-by-side with an alternative.

Thought Leadership

Like the importance of thought leadership in spreading brand awareness, it is also key to maintaining customer loyalty. If they see your company as a leading industry expert, they know that they are partners with the best of the best, and they will remain so. Producing industry expert videos and content keeps your customers coming back to your brand for knowledge growth.


Lead Generation

Facility Tour

If you find that you always make the sale if you can just get the prospect to visit our facility, don’t wait – take your facility to them with video. You can easily cut costs by bringing the facility to your customers or investors via video, rather than bringing them to the facility. Video can show things to prospects that no other medium can. Try filming a tour of your facility and offer an inside look into your day-to-day business.

Testimonials31 percent

Research shows the 31% of people will make a positive decision after viewing a testimonial video. Authentic, professionally done testimonial videos make a bug impact on potential customers. They tend to render more of an emotion in your audience, making the video memorable and actionable; bringing life to the call to action you want your viewers to take. But it is critical to find a client who is relatable and can be compelling on camera.

Company Differentiator

Video is a prime way to communicate your story, your way and distinguish your brand from the competition. Identify what sets up apart from competitors and use video to articulate that distinction. For example, if your production process is superior, shoot a video following the process illustrating your order-to-delivery speed compared to others. Or if it’s your customer service that sets up apart, introduce your customer service team. Video is the best way to bring to life anything that answers a prospect’s question, “Why should I buy from you.”


What’s Next?

Based on the study mentioned above, B2B manufacturers are focused on developing content strategies that are intended for brand awareness yet they are missing a crucial way of analyzing their success. The study indicates that 55% of manufacturing marketers struggle with the inability to measure content effectiveness. This is why it is so important to identify a clear goal and measurement before starting on content production. Once you’d identified a clear goal and the right type of content to match, measuring success should be simple.

So get out there and start identifying ways video can help grow your business!


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