Video Marketing for the Technology Industry

Based on a 2012 study conducted by IDG, 95% of B2B tech buyers watch tech-related videos. That’s a significant portion of a technology-based company’s audience and an undeniable reason to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.

And of those viewing tech-related video, 46% visited a vendor website or contacted a vendor for more information after watching and 42% actually purchased a product.  That gives you quite a significant return on investment.

Understanding your audience is very important in any type of marketing, whether it be written content or video. IDG’s study broke down the top 5 reasons tech buyers watch online video:

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            Taking into consideration this information is key to producing the optimum video marketing content to appeal to your potential customers.

Here are three great ways you can leverage video marketing to help grow your technology business:


Product/Service Overview

People won’t buy what they don’t understand. Before anyone will consider buying your specific product, service, or solution, they must understand why they would even be interested and how it could benefit them. Video is a great way to visually demonstrate how a product or service works, and why someone should invest in iFastDraw Demo stillt.

However, it is often important to produce multiple types of product overview videos for viewers in different stages of the buying process. For example, at the beginning of the process, you are simply creating awareness. In this stage, the viewer may only be willing to spend 30-60 seconds. Once they understand the over-arching reason why they need what you have to offer, they may be willing to spend 2-4 minutes for more detail.

The best way to guarantee that you are producing the right format and type of video is first taking time to identify a specific marketing objective you’d like to reach, what part of the sales cycle you want to focus on, and what is most important to your most relevant potential customer. Once you identify all these aspects, producing your video should be simple.



Product Reviews & Case Studies

This type of video is important in addressing the 54% of tech buyers who are looking for product reviews. It’s a great way to get right to addressing how your technology can benefit someone’s business by providing real-world examples.

Too many times technology companies get caught up in business jargon that is difficult to sift through. A case study or testimonial video is a great way to “humanize” the technology or software behind your business. Plus, research shows that 31 percent of people will make a positive decision after viewing a testimonial video.31 percent

When a consumer is interested in investing in a new product or solution, he or she usually begins the search by reading through reviews. This scenario, however, is already becoming a part of the old days. More and more people are looking to view product review videos rather than read them.




Educational style videos are unique in that, if done right, there should be no trace of “sales” content. These are great videos for brand recognition, but more importantly, building traffic and social sharing. Expedient Still

Educational videos will cater to the 57% who are looking for how-to content as well as the 52% watching video to stay on the leading edge of technology.

This is also a strong approach to building your business into an industry leader, which in-hand turns your brand into a recognizable authoritative company. Building this brand can help drive traffic to your site and drive referral business.

Educational videos, however, are not great for measuring direct ROI. Instead, it’s a good idea to set social-like goals to measure, like the number of shares or audience retention. But when you do measure and see the success in these categories, you will, in time, see the success of your overall business.


What’s Next?

According to Cisco, by 2013 video will consume 90% of the bandwidth on the Internet. Much of that growth is being driven by the shift to video marketing. Thus, those who start leveraging video marketing strategies will take a piece of the competitive edge. But those who fail to budget for, and incorporate web video will be at a disadvantage and will begin to lose market shares and revenue.

So get out there and start identifying ways video can help boost your company’s revenue today!

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