Valuable Video on Promoting Videos via YouTube is Vital

A new video “tutorial” of sorts by Rob Graham of Traingcraft, Inc. appeared on the marketing site ClickZ yesterday, chock full of good advice on how to promote videos on YouTube for greater attention, views and traffic directed towards a targeted website. Much of what Mr. Graham had to say about using YouTube for Internet video marketing is common knowledge to those in the video production or online marketing business, but it’s always great to hear the old songs sung again in a new way, per se. Online marketing folk sometimes forget that most people on the planet just look to YouTube as an amazing resource for all things cultural and sometimes even political, historical or scientific. WE know, on the other hand, that this ever-growing video portal offers free video uploading and viewing to anyone around the world, as well as the ability to create customizable channels for branding identity AND metrics and viewer comments on video content. It’s a marketing extravaganza!

Graham’s video on Using YouTube Channels to Drive Site Traffic is a great little tutorial on leveraging the power of YouTube, and heartily recommended to anyone who posts on YouTube for professional reasons. Check it out and then pass it along to others “in the know.”

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