Using Google Related Searches To Aid Your Reputation Monitoring Efforts

Google’s related search information is a simple search feature that can help aid your reputation monitoring efforts. Related searches can easily be overlooked, due to their location on the search results page, and the fact that your site probably isn’t showing these search queries in your website analytics. However, these related keywords are a great insight into how people search for your company, product, or service name. Any related keywords that are negative in nature can have a big impact on how your company is perceived on the web. They can be a difference maker in a lead or sale from a prospect that is really close to making a decision.

Google Related Searches

The nature of the related search queries can vary, so this information might not even work for the keywords you are targeting. If you don’t find anything negative, that is great, but if you do, then you’ll want to act quickly. The related searches can bring back results that are positive, negative, neutral or even non-relevant. Use the information at your discretion to combat the negative results or give a boost to your positive results.

Using the related search information in your online reputation management strategy is fairly simple. Clicking on each result link will show you if your site or other online properties are ranking. If they are, then you want to do what you can to bump up these pages in the results for that particular keyphrase.

If you see one of your own website pages ranking, then try to get creative with how to weave a negative-natured keyphrase into your Page Title and on-page content. The key is to do this without undermining your webpage’s message. If you see one of your online properties ranking (i.e. videos, social profiles, local search, press releases), then try to creatively add the keyphrase to the copy on that page. The second part of the strategy is to focus on pointing some strategic keyword links toward those pages.

Situational Example:

Your “About Us” page on your website is ranking #7 in Google for “company name review”, your YouTube video is ranking #10, and there are a few negative websites listed above and between those two results.

Strategies to improve the rankings and visibility of your properties:

  • Modify the copy of your “About Us” page to reflect the keyphrase “company name review” – Don’t forget the power of the Page Title if there is an emergency to get this page ranked higher!
  • Change the YouTube video title, description and keywords to include that keyphrase.
  • Point links to your “About Us” page and YouTube video from your Squidoo Lens or other property you can control, and name the link “company name review”.

These strategies above are not guaranteed for success, and it may take months to see results. There is no easy or overnight solution to improve your online reputation – but don’t let that discourage your repair efforts! Your activity and effort to portray your company in the best light on the web is crucial to staying ahead of your competitors in tough economic times. Creating and maintaining dialogue with your customers on the web is easier than ever with social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Leveraging and cross-promoting ALL of your online marketing and social networking efforts is a wise decision if you are serious about your company’s online presence.

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