Trends To Watch for 2011: Online Video Marketing

When looking to set up an online marketing presence, Facebook and Twitter have become the go-to networks for reaching out to consumers and shaping branding, with LinkedIn close on their heels. But YouTube? Oh how soon we forget about this video marketing platform-and sites like it. Yahoo Video, Vimeo, Google Video, Daily Motion and other online video platforms should not be under estimated as viable marketing tools. Yet, many are overlooking the power of online video.

Recently, Greg Jarboe, president and co-founder of SEO-PR, asserted that most Americans watch YouTube videos more than they search Google, and a video is “50 times more likely to get a first-page Google ranking than a text page”. Such information makes video ESSENTIAL to any online marketing plan.

The value of online video as opposed to TV spots is enormous. Unlike TV, online media can be tracked- showing how many people watched, how long they watched and what brought them to the video in the first place. Such metrics provide valuable information on consumer demographic. In addition, consumers can comment on videos directly, providing instant feedback.

Your video should be focused for your consumer demographic, right down to color choices and song. Although it costs far less to make an online video than a TV commercial, don’t make it look like it costs less. Use a high definition camera and multiple takes. You want viewers to remember your video and share it, so make it high quality, interesting and transparent.

Consumers will be looking for videos that show what people really think about your product and give insight into the workings of your business. Just like other social media platforms have broken down barriers between consumer and provider, your videos should make potential customers feel like you’re willing to share everything.

As with all marketing tools, don’t rest your entire marketing strategy on online video. Video should be part of your overall strategy and integrated into it. The beauty of online media is how easy it is for consumers to share through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks, and you should be sharing it, too. Once you create a video, promote it on all your media platforms. Monitor the video the same way you’d monitor other social media accounts-reply to comments and delete offensive or spammy posts. Take suggestions and use them in your next video. You may even think about asking users to submit their own videos and post a few to share.
Don’t be left behind! Put on your director’s hat and let the “ACTION!” begin.

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