To the Vidders Go the Spoils, or MASH 2.0

A recent National Public Radio story on Vidders – fans of television programs who record and edit episodes of TV shows into music videos featuring disparate clips of the programs assembled in new ways to pay tribute to their favorite programs or to tell entirely new stories – is another example of the relative ease and ubiquity of Internet video. It turns out that vidders have been doing their creative pirating and montaging for several decades now, on programs from Star Trek and Mash to CSI and Law & Order, but have always relied on hand-to-hand exchanges or the postal system as ways of sharing their creations amongst themselves. Today, thanks to YouTube and other video sharing services like Vimeo or Meta Cafe, vidders can share their creative visual mash-ups with the whole World Wide Web, vidders and non-vidders alike.

My point is that Internet video can cater to interest groups large or small, and that there’s an audience out there for every interest. From a marketing perspective with a purely profit-driven motive as the bottom line, Internet videos are a great tool for getting the attention of viewers who might never know about your products or services otherwise. And a recent article by technology and marketing researchers Forrester Research, claiming that optimized videos have more than 50 times the chance of ranking on the first page of Google compared to normal Web pages, just drives home the fact that Web video and marketing is here to stay and is an affordable and highly effective way to promulgate your wares in the Digital Age.

So, intrepid readers, what are you waiting for? Get in the game while the getting’s good! Fathom can show you how to leverage Internet video.

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