SEO Strategy: Three Things Real Marketing Agencies Won’t Do

Not all marketing agencies are created equal. A quick Google search will show you that countless agencies offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a service. Although there is constant discussion on the best way to deliver results in terms of SEO, there are some things that legitimate marketing agencies will absolutely not do for your company when it comes to SEO:

Promise Instant Rankings

True SEO takes time in order to see results. Google’s constant algorithm changes coupled with the normal ups and downs in website traffic make guaranteed ranking promises totally baseless. If you are in talks with an agency that promises quick rankings, run away fast.

That company is probably engaging in some questionable behavior that will end up hurting your digital presence more than it will help it. Even the most elite agencies know that excellent search engine rankings don’t happen overnight and will plan their strategies accordingly

Keep Clients in The Dark About SEO Tactics

If a potential SEO agency tells you that their methods are a secret, then there is probably a reason they are withholding information. SEO is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and long-term SEO will not effectively work unless it is aligned with your company’s goals and strategy.

A partnership with an agency that is not willing to adapt to your company’s needs is not a partnership at all. Legitimate agencies will always be open to answering your search engine related questions and working to identify the strategies needed to effectively leverage SEO for your company’s specific needs.

Treat SEO as a Silo

Treating SEO as the end-all be-all solution for success is setting your long term marketing strategy up for failure. No matter how strong an agency’s SEO abilities are, their efforts will not reach their full potential without a fully integrated marketing strategy.

Disregarding paid advertising, social media, email, or other digital marketing channels will weaken a company’s long-term brand equity even if their search engine presence is top-notch. An agency with truly effective marketing capabilities will be able to propose SEO strategies that integrate smoothly with other communication platforms.


SEO is a very important factor to consider in today’s digital marketing space, and marketing philosophy does matter when selecting an agency. “Get Ranked Quick” schemes are not only false, but they don’t add lasting value to any brand. Agencies that keep secrets from their clients are not partners, they are just vendors.

Finally, establishing a cohesive brand experience across all channels is more important than simply having a strong search engine presence. Agencies that disregard the other pieces of the puzzle are interpreting SEO as a short-term fix rather than a long-lasting strategy to move your company up the marketing maturity curve.


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