This Week in Publish or Perish: Jack Kosakowski on Crushing Content Creation

This episode of Publish or Perish, hosted by Fathom’s Jeff Herrmann, focuses on the use of video in social selling and how it can be leveraged to scale relationships and scale revenue. Even though video is a growing in popularity, marketing and sales teams are often afraid to use this tactic because of the emphasis on appearances that comes along with the platform. This apprehension about video brought Jeff  to pose the main question in this episode—should we all be content creators?

To answer this question, episode 19 of Publish or Perish features an interview with Jack Kosakowski, the Global Head Of B2B Social Sales Strategy at Creation Agency and a known expert on social selling.

Although the interview reveals that Jeff prefers video and Jack prefers writing (and why), the conversation covers these four main topics:

  • Video – how to use this medium to scale charisma while building trust and credibility
  • Strategy – ways to ensure that you’re not wasting time by focusing on persona, outcomes, and audience value of your videos
  • Production hacks – easy methods to make videos look clean and professional
  • YouTube mobile app – how to edit and launch video strategy through this app

Find the summary of Jeff’s interview with Jack Kosakowski below or check out the podcast to hear the full conversation:

JH: How do you build out a story? Is everyone cut out to be a content creator?

JK: All sales teams can be content creators – successful method I suggest using is to encourage the sales team to create content, then pushing this content through the marketing team for refining and approval. By publishing the top articles on your brand blog and encouraging all contributors to publish their blogs on LinkedIn Pulse, you can build your brand, start a culture of content creation, invest in your sales team’s thought leadership, and start conversations with ideal clients.

JH: Writing vs. video – where do you stand?

JK: Writing is just easier to edit, so if you’re working with a model of running content through your marketing team, writing is a better choice. Video is powerful, but can’t be edited in the same way.  While video is effective when done correctly, most people don’t know how to bring value through video and this can ruin a brand. If you’re going to pursue video for social selling, make sure to recognize that this may put more pressure on your salespeople and work with marketing upfront to make sure your strategy is tight and production is consistent.

Check out the podcast and let us know what you think about using video for social selling efforts.

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