This Week in Mingled Marketing: Using Marketo’s Ad Bridge for Personalized Marketing

Every marketer is striving to achieve personalized communications with their audience. Though this is a difficult prospect, especially when it comes to cross-channel strategies, Marketo’s AdBridge allows marketers to streamline communications and bring channel specific data together to form a consistent message.

In episode 11 of Mingled Marketing, Fathom’s Jeff Leo Herrmann and Jon Pogact interview Brent Levi, a fellow Fathomer and Marketo expert, on the opportunities Marketo’s AdBridge offers for scaling personalized communications.

Check out the video now or read the interview below to find out how AdBridge drives higher ROI, provides budget efficient micro-targeting, and allows you to reach your audience throughout the full buyers’ funnel.

Jeff & Jon: What is AdBridge?

Brent: AdBridge is a retargeting tool, which allows marketers to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person. It also takes the next step of ensuring that the right message is on the right platform.

Jeff & Jon: How does Marketo play a role in creating more personalized messaging?

Brent: Through AdBridge, Marketo allows marketers to target based on the buyers’ funnel and consolidates data from all ad networks to create cohesive reporting. Plus, Marketo uses email as the unique identifier to track performance, allowing visibility into individual consumption.

Jeff & Jon: Who is the right fit for leveraging AdBridge?

Brent: It’s ideal for Marketo users who are already advanced in their use of the tool. Still, one of AdBridge’s main advantages is that it drives higher ROI, which is a goal of every marketer. Even those Marketo users who just have a basic nurture campaign running can benefit from AdBridge. Additionally, those in industries with long sales cycles will especially benefit from AdBridge. Sales cycles in higher education, for example, can take years from the first step of initial research to the final enrollment decision. AdBridge allows these marketers to stay relevant and maintain their audiences’ attention through the process. And at the end of this sales cycle, you can still achieve full funnel ROI attribution.

Top Takeaways:

  • Don’t use Marketo as a batch and blast tool
  • Take advantage of AdBridge and achieve better ROI
  • Once you move up the maturity curve in Marketo, it’s a lot of fun to work with

Watch the full interview now and get started on your path to personalized communications with your audience.


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