What is Your Unfair Advantage? – This Week in Creating Your Unfair Advantage

Welcome to Creating Your Unfair Advantage! Creating Your Unfair Advantage is Fathom’s latest podcast, featuring our Chief Strategy Officer, Jeff Leo Herrmann and Director of Marketing, Jon Pogact. This podcast is aimed at transformational marketers who believe that marketing can be their company’s unfair advantage and that they, in turn, can be their organization’s unfair advantage.

Listening to Creating Your Unfair Advantage will give listeners a candid and personal approach on leveraging marketing strategies, programs, technologies, and channels that will allow them to punch above their weight. While all of this may lead to the success of organizations, it will also lead to the success of those marketers helping their organizations to succeed.

In the first episode of Creating Your Unfair Advantage, Jeff and Jon discuss the purpose of the podcast and what listeners can hope to gain in the episodes to come. Meant to empower marketers in personal and professional ways, each episode of Creating Your Unfair Advantage will break down a strategy or tactic that will allow marketers to begin punching above their weight.

If you’re ready to create your unfair advantage, tune into the episode #1.

Why should you listen? To discover how driving your organization up the marketing maturity curve will result in revenue, business, and, ultimately, career growth.


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