The Surprising Effect of Goal Setting on Audience Research – This Week in Creating Your Unfair Advantage

In this week’s episode of Creating Your Unfair Advantage, hosts Jeff Leo Herrmann and Jon Pogact talk audience research. Specifically, they discuss the first step of identifying your audience: setting goals.

Why set goals? Before looking outward at your audience, it’s crucial to look inward. By setting goals, you’ll discover where you are now, where you hope to be, and how you need to engage your audience in order to get there. Moreover, you’ll learn to unlock the potential of your existing audience and grow them into raving fans.

This episode is the first of a three-part series on identifying your audience. Up for discussion in the second parts of this series are the topics of conducting research and creating personas.

Tune in now to learn the secrets of ambitious yet attainable goal setting.

Why should you listen?

To learn what goals to set, how this will help you research your audience, and what this work contributes to the process of developing an unfair advantage in your business.

What Is Creating Your Unfair Advantage?

Creating Your Unfair Advantage is Fathom’s latest podcast, featuring our Chief Strategy Officer, Jeff Leo Herrmann and Director of Marketing, Jon Pogact. This podcast is aimed at transformational marketers who believe that marketing can be their company’s unfair advantage and that they, in turn, can be their organization’s unfair advantage.

Listening to Creating Your Unfair Advantage will give listeners a candid and personal approach on leveraging marketing strategies, programs, technologies, and channels that will allow them to punch above their weight. While all of this may lead to the success of organizations, it will also lead to the success of those marketers helping their organizations to succeed.

Find more episodes of Creating Your Unfair Advantage here and start punching above your weight.

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