There is No Avoiding Mobile for B2B Tech Marketers

When Forbes released survey results showing that executives make seven mobile searches per day, MarketingLand decided to take a deeper look into what type of searches are made and discovered many of these searches are business-related. According to this chart, a majority of the keywords searched are tech-related. Seeing this research, it is no surprise that B2B marketers are claiming mobile to be one of the biggest 2013 marketing trends.

Tech B2B customers performed the following activities on their mobile phones while shopping for their business:

  • 56% read reviews
  • 55% read general product/service information
  • 50% compare product/service features
  • 48% compares prices
  • 37% look for a promotion or coupon
  • 32% download research (such as whitepapers)

To validate this research, Google’s “The Evolving Path of Today’s Tech B2B Customer” study found that 91% of tech B2B mobile customers access a search engine on a mobile device to shop for tech products. Overall, the ownership and usage of smartphones has been growing exponentially.  Mobile searches have increased by 247% in the last year, despite only 10% of the web being mobile friendly.

Search is not the only trend in the tech buyer’s use of mobile – mobile content consumption more than doubled since 2011. Part of this mobile content consumption is mobile video with more than half using mobile video and 45% watching videos related to their jobs.

What is your technology company’s mobile marketing strategy for 2013?

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