The Top 4 Reasons Marketo Summit Matters to Your Business

Each Spring, Marketo – one of the leading Marketing Automation platform providers – hosts its annual Summit conference, Marketing Nation. Nearly 6,000 marketers from businesses spanning hundreds of industries and disciplines gather every year to learn about the latest trends and best practices in the marketing world. This year’s conference takes place April 23rd through April 26th, and it promises amazing content from several dynamic keynote speakers—including Marketo’s new CEO, Steve Lucas—as well as over 100 breakout sessions on a wide variety of topics for marketers of all disciplines.

Despite all the value that Summit can offer, oftentimes it can be difficult to justify investing the time (or the money) to spend almost a week at a marketing conference. Speaking from personal experience, the learnings you can leave a conference like this with will have profound impacts on your business.

To that end, here are four reasons that might help you justify the decision to attend Summit!

1. You’ll Expose Yourself to Best Practice Evangelism

This year, Summit is taking a much broader focus on marketing and on its impact on business success, not necessarily just the Marketo platform. Across any of the 100+ sessions, you’ll have an opportunity to hear how some of the foremost minds in digital marketing are driving value for their business and uncovering new benchmarks of industry standard excellence.

While best practices may depend on industry or audience, Summit offers a great experience for learning about some of the most common challenges facing business leaders today, and how many of your peers have resolved them. After Summit, you can take those learnings and apply them to your business, in many cases with an immediate positive impact.

2. You Can Shop for Martech to Impact Your Business

Visiting Summit’s tradeshow floor is like going to the mall for all the latest marketing technology. There are only a few conferences like Summit where you’ll have all the industry-leading integrators, solutions providers, and digital marketing agencies gathered in one place for your shopping pleasure. Compare and contrast service providers and solutions, and compare notes with other marketers about how they leverage these cutting-edge technologies in their business.  You may find that some marketers are using different technologies in new and innovating ways that may have never occurred to you. It’d be a huge miss not to take advantage of the smorgasbord of professional talent that’s ready and eager to learn how they can possibly help your business drive forward.

3. You’ll Network With Industry Leaders

The greatest benefit of attending Summit is the iron-sharpens-iron dynamic that occurs when you’re surrounded by the best minds in marketing and business. Having an opportunity to talk to other marketers who face the same challenges as you do breeds positive conversations and “war stories” of all the trials and tribulations as well as victories and celebrations that go along with being a marketer. You’ll have access to personalities like Josh Hill, Scott Brinker, and a whole host of Marketo Certified Experts. The organic conversations you have at Summit with industry leaders like yourself can only make you a sharper marketer.

4. You Can Pressure Test & Validate Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re new to Marketo, or if this is your first conference, you’ll be learning lots of tips and tricks to make your life easier and more automated. Eventually, you’ll gain a reputation as the Marketing Automation expert at your company, but first, you’ll need to continually test your assumptions and challenge yourself. In fact, that’s one of the best business reasons to attend Summit. Each year, this conference offers a chance to validate what you are doing is best practice, learn how to enhance what you are doing, and stay ahead of the curve of upcoming trends and platform enhancements.

In terms of making marketing matter in long-term business success, marketing automation is one of the best ways to both create and prove business impact. And the 2017 Marketing Nation Summit is the place to get started. Hope to see you there!

Joe Reitz will be speaking at the 2017 Marketing Nation Summit.


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