The State of Online Video – Bigger than Elvis!

Internet video - Bigger than Elvis

As Internet marketers, we tend to pay attention to upcoming trends in SEO, PPC, email marketing and video marketing more than the average Joe. It pays to do so, as staying abreast of industry trends is important when it comes to offering our clients the best services possible, often times ahead of other marketing firms. We’ve been espousing the benefits and uses of Internet video-as-a-marketing-tool for some years now, and basically waiting for the viewing world to catch up on this fantastic communications medium.

A recent survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, conducted in June of 2009 and reported by the esteemed Pew Internet & American Life Project just last week, more than confirms what we’ve been saying all along – online video is becoming a huge medium for consumers, and leveraging Internet video interest for marketing purposes has never made more sense.

Some of the findings released last week in the Pew report on online video include: 

  • Educational video viewing has risen from 22% to 38% for adult Internet users since 2007
  • Political videos for the same viewing audience have risen in popularity from 15% to 30%
  • Viewership for humorous/comedy videos has grown from 31% to 50% since 2007
  • Seven in ten adult Internet users have used the Internet to watch or download video. This accounts for 52% of all adults in the USA.

Clearly, with more than half of all adults in America watching video via the Internet, we’re talking about a sensation bigger than most cultural phenomena, including Elvis in his prime and perhaps even U2, Jay-Z or Rihanna.

Consider what Internet video can do for you and your company or business. Think about the many ways you can “broadcast” your products and services to a large and watching world. Invest in one of the most affordable forms of marketing with the broadest reach. And contact us – Fathom – regarding Internet video marketing that gets viewers to your site and helps convert them to paying customers.

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