The Nurture Executive Forum: Uniting All Transformational Marketers

Please join us at the upcoming Nurture Executive Forum, a mastermind style event for transformational marketers to connect and collaborate on methods to drive their organization up the marketing maturity curve.

What is Nurture Marketing?

“Nurture is the end to end customer experience, across all facets of the relationship.”

 -Stephen Epple, Vice President of Nurture Marketing at Fathom

The marketing landscape is changing rapidly. Rather than talking about likes, leads, or page views, transformational marketers are thinking more holistically because they own the bulk of the buyers’ journey. And while intentions may be in the right place, many are struggling to successfully master technology and processes to execute on integrated marketing strategy and programs.

These are concerns that Fathom has heard across the board.  As a result, we’ve launched the Nurture Executive Forum (NEF) to help transformational marketers climb the marketing maturity curve and take command of the buyers’ journey. Read more about it below.

What is NEF?

The NEF is an intimate, half-day event that gathers marketing executives to address the challenges of mastering technology and processes to drive marketing transformation across their organizations. The day typically consists of presentations from marketing experts, which are complemented by group discussions with both experts and peers.

So far, NEF has been held in Cleveland and upcoming locations include Columbus, OH and Mountain View, CA.


blog-66-graphic-2Why NEF:

The NEF events were planned with one purpose: to unite transformational marketers with a passion for and commitment to moving their organizations up the marketing maturity curve. By bringing transformational marketers together, attendees can collaborate with other experts who have succeeded where others may have failed. NEF helps marketers learn together through the creation of a like-minded marketing community that facilitates connections and encourages collaboration.

Topics that will be covered include mastering new technology and processes, understanding integrated marketing best practices, using data and developing insights to inform marketing strategy, and learning how to grow rapidly as a marketing team and as an organization.

Ultimately, attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of data-driven decision making, tackling the buyers’ journey, and how to find and keep relationships.

How Did NEF Originate?

As integrated marketing has become widely adopted over the past few years, Fathom has had the opportunity to partner with and help organizations across different verticals understand how best to incorporate the technologies available into their marketing operations. As we did this, similar themes and questions began to arise. These questions didn’t relate so much to marketing platforms, but looked to solve larger business problems. We found ourselves advising organizations on concerns such as managing change, successfully aligning marketing and sales and incorporating other digital channels into a full-scale nurture marketing strategy.

With the consistency of questions and challenges regardless of platform, industry, or marketing maturity, Fathom saw an opportunity to create the Nurture Executive Forum. Marketers could talk with others experiencing these challenges firsthand, hear from industry and technology platform experts, and network with their peers, learning from their successes and failures. Starting with a small group in Cleveland, the forum series was launched in the first half of 2016.

What to Expect from NEF (A Sample Agenda):

While the 2016/2017 NEF theme is ‘Creating Your Nurture Marketing Strategy’, there is some variation on the topics for each event.  A potential event agenda could include:

  • What Does the Top of the Maturity Curve Look Like and How to Get There
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Investment
  • How to Structure Your Organization for Success
  • How to Get Organizational Buy-In
  • Transactional vs. Transformational: Selecting the Best Way to Tackle Marketing Automation

Please see the registration page here.

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