The Latest Social Media Updates You Need to Know

It’s time for another edition of the Fathom bi-weekly social media update. As you know, social channels are constantly changing and it’s our hope that we can keep you up-to-date on those changes. Read below to get the latest scoop!

Update 1: Is Facebook Getting a Dislike Button?

There’s video (and tons of news reports) on the web that shows Mark Zuckerberg hinting at something similar to a “dislike” button for Facebook. Could it be happening?

We don’t know for sure yet, but we do know that Facebook has acknowledged that its users want the ability to show empathy. As Zuckerberg stated, “not every moment is a good moment”, and apparently Facebook wants users to be able to properly recognize that.

The social media giant will soon be testing a new feature on a limited number of users. If the test is successful, it will push it out to the greater public. Be on the lookout for the latest news regarding a potential Facebook “dislike” button, as this can drastically impact content insights and reporting metrics.

More information can be found here.

Update 2: Facebook is Working on a 360-Degree Video App

Facebook + video = a match made in heaven? Clearly the social channel loves video, because it’s now creating a standalone app for 360-degree videos. Even though the app is still in early phases of development, it could offer a similar viewing experience to that of YouTube’s 360-degree videos that allow the user to change the angle of the view by rotating their device.

Facebook’s VP of global engineering was quoted as saying: “It doesn’t just stop with videos … what we see happening in the next couple years is bringing augmented reality and virtual reality to the experience that is on Facebook.”

Read more here.

Update 3: SnapChat “Lenses” and Extra Replays

By now, you’ve probably seen a SnapChat or two showing a friend throwing up rainbows. That’s one feature of SnapChat’s newest update called “Lenses”, which lets you add special effects to your selfies. The company plans to update the Lenses with new features on a regular basis, so keep a lookout for changing effects.snap

SnapChat also added in-app purchasing for extra replays. Now you can pay $0.99 for three additional replays, although it’s important to note that you cannot use all three on the same Snapchat. They must be spread out across three different SnapChats.

Get more details here.

Update 4: Tumblr Cleans Up the Appearance of Reblogs

Remember before, when you’d see something on Tumblr that was reblogged over and over again, how indecipherable it was? That’s no longer the case with Tumblr’s most recent update, which makes reblogs appear in a uniform column. This makes replies easier to navigate and read.

The best part? This change doesn’t just affect new posts – it also affects all previous posts. The change appears on both Tumblr’s website and app.

More on that here.

Stay tuned for our next social media update post, which should be live in about two weeks.

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