Telemedicine Trumps Changes in Healthcare Policy Post-Election

Whether you lean left or right, it is safe to say that many were caught off-guard with the results of the 2016 presidential election. Those in the healthcare industry are certainly no exception. With the future of the Affordable Care Act unclear, IT companies built around ACA as well as established healthcare institutions are questioning how to move forward in the years that it will take to unwind Affordable Care and establish healthcare privatization.

In this interview, Fathom’s Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Leo Herrmann and Founder of Fathom Healthcare Bill Balderaz discuss the effect the presidential election will have on healthcare marketing budgets and why we should all be keeping an eye on the increasingly important role of telemedicine.

Topics discussed include:

  1. Timeline on repeal of the Affordable Care Act
  2. Pivot opportunities for companies that built a business around the Affordable Care Act
  3. Discrepancy in care with the re-emergence of privatization
  4. Impact of mergers, acquisitions and consolidation on hospital systems and physician practices
  5. Increased competition and increased marketing budgets to tackle population health initiatives
  6. Advent of telemedicine and improvements in quality of care

Please let us know what you think. Where do you see the market going?


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