TED-Ed: Helping Educators Teach the World

TED-Ed is a relatively new initiative from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), a non-profit organization that hosts conferences and provide free global access to lectures and performances on a number of topics. Through TED-Ed, educators are able to share their lessons with the world by recording their lessons and uploading them to the TED-Ed website. The educators team up with animators in order to create dynamic and informative 10-minute educational video lessons.

Users are able to develop customized lessons around the videos. Each video has a series of questions that viewers can answer to determine their level of comprehension; there are multiple-choice and open-ended questions. The videos also have a ‘dig deeper’ tab which allows the viewer to explore additional resources in order to learn more about the video topic. Teachers are also able to use existing videos and “flip” them in order to edit the supplemental questions and additional resources tab. If the teachers decide to flip the videos they are able to track their students’ scores on the quiz questions, thereby making the videos and quizzes great supplemental teaching tools.

Online education programs are growing in popularity. The Internet is allowing more people to have greater access to higher education. The revolution of online education is continuing to grow and impact people all over the world. TED launched its Education site at the ideal time to catch the wave. Many traditional brick-and-mortar institutions have plans to add online courses to their offering. Increases in online education will help to raise the number of educated people in the nation, and with free services like TED-Ed they can have a better understanding of the course topics.

Kohl’s department stores and TED recently announced a program known as “Lessons Worth Sharing,” which will award 18 educators across the nation an opportunity to share a lesson to the world on the TED-Ed website. The educators are asked to choose a lesson that is impactful and influential to encourage students to watch and learn. TED-Ed was built in part by a $1-million contribution from Kohl’s Cares. Kohl’s Facebook fans are able to nominate their favorite educator to create a lesson that is five minutes or less on a number of subjects. The 18 educators that are selected and the individual that nominates them will receive $100 Kohl’s gift cards.


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