Technology Marketing Strategies: Taking Risks & Losing Fast is Better than Taking It Slow & Missing Opportunities

The Software as a Service (SaaS) technology industry is a constantly evolving beast:
SaaS Marketing Strategy

  • New players jump into the fray as each moment passes.
  • EVERYONE is being innovative at a rapid rate.
  • Competitors are always on the offensive.
  • Reaction time needs to be quick to seize opportunities before someone else.

Now, when you ask any traditional digital marketers how to build a strategy, they will likely say you need to really learn your audience first, see it from their perspective, and think about how your prospects are driven to make decisions. All this is needed because it is vital to delivering the right messaging, content, experience and value to drive a choice for your SaaS technology product/service.


As it turns out, SaaS marketing strategy requires these components as well. BUT… what about those elements and circumstances of rapid advancement I just outlined above? How do you remain nimble, proactive, reactive and innovative? It is a fine line as you tight-rope across the marketing high-wire to avoid plummeting into the abyss.

This delicate balance requires you to honor the disciplined, thoughtful process of strategic marketing, but be willing to launch without all the answers clearly crystalized in front of you. There may need to be adjustments, and at a rapid pace. Be alert!

Here are some tips to keeping afloat while maintaining logic in your SaaS marketing strategy planning:

  1. Put in the hours to really understand your audience, but do it immediately. Remember those cram study sessions in high school and college before finals? Putting in a few nights to make the magic happen can be worth it when you have comprehensive knowledge of your target audience.
  1. Make assumptions, whether based on experience or some quick research. Call existing customer advocates to bounce ideas off of them. Read blogs from industry thought leaders. Developing a SaaS marketing strategy means a balance of knowledge and intuition.
  1. Build your messaging and plan off of your best assumptions. The plan should try to cover the major touch points of where you need to focus your message to have the best reach. The messaging should be compelling and consistent. Keep it simple, especially if the idea is not fully fleshed out. Consider teasing the value of your offering just enough to intrigue a prospect to make contact for further details.
  1. Know how you will measure your campaign efforts. Maybe I should repeat that. KNOW HOW TO MEASURE!. There is no way to know if you are successful or missing the mark if you cannot track results. In knowing how to measure, you should know what winning means. When you are paying attention to relevant data and SaaS marketing metrics, you can make adjustments on the fly, which is super important because you likely did not have unlimited time to thoroughly scrutinize your strategy. Quick decisions can cost a lot of money, make sure to adjust before you flush too much.
  1. If you are going to miss the mark, do it quickly… then adjust. When you invest an overabundance of time in building something, many people tend to ride it out longer than they should because of that investment.
  1. Be humble. Keep the temptress of pride at bay when making financial business decisions.

If you’re interested building a SaaS marketing strategy that can keep with the fast paced nature of the industry, read this blog on the 5 Tips for Successful Marketing Integration.

About Michael Mazzone

Michael Mazzone is a Senior Account Executive at Fathom, specializing in technology-based lead generation campaigns. A graduate of Case Western Reserve's Weatherhead School of Business, Michael joined the Fathom team in 2006, bringing to the table a focus in entrepreneurial strategies and problem-solving skills. He has worked as the direct point of contact for Fathom on a number of accounts to include KeyBank, Vision Solutions, DoubleTake Software, Astute Solutions, mindSHIFT, Oppenheimer Funds, American Greetings, Eaton Corporation, Cleveland Clinic, Cub Cadet and Evenflo.As the main touch point, Michael provides cross-department coordination and strategies from SEO, conversion, online video, redesign projects, paid search and marketing initiatives like contests and product launches. Vital to measuring success for campaigns, he identifies ROI opportunities and implements measurement tactics. Follow Michael on Twitter @mmazzone29 or add him to your LinkedIn network.

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