Higher-Ed Standard, 3rd Ed.

1 in 10 public and private colleges is in acute financial distress.

(Moody’s, July 2014)

Does this concern you? It should. But fear not, the 3rd edition of Fathom’s EDU Standard offers marketing wisdom for colleges and universities that care about sustainable growth in a cloudy economic climate.

Download it today to learn about:

  • 3 agents of massive future change in higher education
  • A 3-step-process for mapping the student journey to meet enrollment goals
  • Google benchmarks for organic & paid search in the education category
  • Trends in SEO, PPC, email, and video marketing


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  • Steve,
    We are looking to open a conversation with you with regards to our EDU marketing abilities that we could assist you with. Our primary abilities are email, postal & digital cookies in the EDU Market. Multichannel opportunities is what we hope to accomplish with you. Please let us know if we can set a time with you or if you are not interested. Thank you!

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