Some Wise Words from a Wise PR Pro

And no, I’m not talking about myself.  I want to share some tips that have greatly affected my professional career; these tips are from a former professor and public relations all-star, Jessica Stark. Despite the fact that she is only a few
years older than me, I greatly admired her drive for success, her ability to
prove her strengths- even though she was a very young professional in a
prestigious position, and her pure passion for the field of public relations
and higher education.

Most of these tips were intended to aid students about to enter the professional world. However, I don’t think it ever hurts for us, as busy professionals, to
take a step back and think about our practices. Are we doing the little things we were taught years ago? Are we sending those thank you notes, being polite to the administrative assistant and “doing our homework?” It is my hope that these words of wisdom will enhance your public relations practices.

  1. If you can’t be organized, at least pretend to be organized. 
  2. Don’t be late; if you’re not early, you’re late.  If you are late, do not keep apologizing.  Apologize once and move on.  No one needs to waste time listening to your elaborate story; you already wasted their time by being late.
  3. When meeting someone new/networking/interviewing, your job is to take the word “stranger” off your back.  Do some research ahead of time to uncover mutual acquaintances.  Be careful what you say about whom; you never know who are enemies or friends.
  4. Don’t assume.  It makes an ass out of “u” and “me.”  Do your homework and know the facts about whom you are dealing with.  An overestimation of someone’s prestige is better than an underestimation.
  5. Administrative coordinators are very important people – be polite.
  6. Don’t confuse praise for a raise.  If you’re doing such a good job, you should be paid for it.
  7. “I do not like the phrase: ‘Never cross a bridge till you come to it.’ The world is owned by people who cross bridges on their imagination miles and miles in advance of the procession.” – Bruce Barton

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